Lincoln Climate Action Plan

This plan has passed! 

Birds are harbingers of change. Often we think of their signals of change as the arrival of dawn or the changing of the seasons. Unfortunately, we know that through recent studies from Cornell University that as many as 3 billion birds have been lost in the last 50 years, including a 53% decline in grassland birds. This is largely due to habitat loss from land-use changes driven by development—urban and rural—and the changing climate.

The actions and strategies of the Climate Action Plan align with many key educational and conservation priorities and actions of Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center, actions across the state and the Audubon network including appropriately sited renewable energy technology such as solar and wind power, and maximizing natural climate solutions such as increased native plant use by the city on public and private land. These are just a few of the specific strategies and actions that are in the plan which we support comprehensively.

We appreciate the leadership of the city and the community leaders that helped develop this critical step in positioning Lincoln and Lancaster County to address our changing climate. The adoption and implementation of this plan will lay the groundwork for our community to continue to thrive as we face these new challenges. Audubon's Spring Creek Prairie looks forward to assisting with the implementation of this plan and continuing to create a world where birds and people can thrive together.

How you can help, right now