Charlene (Charli) Kohler-Prodinski

Central & Western ND Range Ecologist

Charli started with Audubon Dakota in November 2021. Charli grew up on a farm in central North Dakota and continues to be involved in ranching. She covers western and central North Dakota and provides technical assistance to landowners through Audubon’s Conservation Ranching Program, Prairie Management Toolbox, and Conservation Forage Program.


What is your conservation influence?
Growing up on a farm, Charli was always outdoors and that is where her curiosity and appreciation for nature began. She started her career by working seasonally for US Fish & Wildlife Service and The Nature Conservancy in North Dakota. Through this work experience, she learned flora and fauna and began to realize how incredibly diverse and important the prairie pothole region is. This path led her to work for over 5 years as a Conservation Specialist with Ducks Unlimited securing conservation easements for perpetual protection of wetland and grassland habitats on private land.


Favorite bird and why:
Charli’s favorite bird is the Wilson’s phalarope. Unlike most birds, the female phalarope is showier than the male. They are also quite comical to watch as they spin round and round in a circle creating whirlpools that stir up invertebrates for feeding.


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