Cody Grewing

Range Ecologist

Cody Grewing has been with Audubon since 2018. Cody completed a B.S. in Range Management from SDSU with a focus on Rangeland Ecology. Cody is primarily tasked with supporting the Conservation Ranching program. Cody also provides technical support to the prescribed fire program.

What is your conservation influence?
My dad was a park manager and instilled an interest in wildlife and the outdoors at an early age.  Time spent hunting, fishing, and observing wildlife created a strong desire to promote diverse and rich wildlife populations and the ecosystems where they thrive.

Favorite Bird and why:
The Macaroni Penguin. I like penguins, macaroni, and long un-manicured eyebrows.


The black capped chickadee. Though not rare or charismatic like some other species they are like an unassuming old trustworthy friend. Cold, rain or shine they are always around and seemingly in a cheery mood. Gracious to eat from a bird feeder, adding levity to any given moment.  There frequent and distinct songs and calls leave no question of their presence. Like tiny flying Buddhists that fortunately haven’t taken the vow of silence!