Juli Bosmoe

Working Lands Program Manager

Juli has been with Audubon Dakota since 2019.  She implements working lands programs in the eastern Dakotas with most of her time spent providing technical assistance to the Prairie Management Toolbox programs.  She also works with the prescribed fire program, the Audubon Conservation Ranching Program, and the Conservation Forage Program.

Juli has had the opportunity to gain a diversity of experiences with her background in African Studies and Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences.  She has benefited from being able to participate in endangered monkey research, prescribed fire implementation, bison management, conservation easement evaluation, and grassland bird habitat research of all kinds.   

The best part of Juli’s role at Audubon Dakota is that she gets to collaborate with creative, dedicated landowners and producers who care deeply about the land. 

What is your conservation influence?
Juli learned to appreciate nature from her field guide-toting parents.

The appreciation for nature developed into a passion for grassland conservation after spending time at SDSU.  And, the summers she spent working at Samuel H. Ordway Prairie near Leola, SD were especially important in solidifying her love of the prairie. 

Favorite Bird and why:
Juli’s favorite bird is a tie between the Bobolink and the American bittern. The Bobolink is the George Castanza of the prairie: it’s desperate for attention, it acts a little insecure (a result of being upstaged by Meadowlarks no doubt), and it has a bald spot.

The American bittern is also ridiculous.  Its strategy for blending into a marsh is solid in theory.  Its brown vertical stripes, long neck, and small head held erect while standing totally still should camouflage it in the cattails.  However, in practice they use their “look snooty and freeze” tactic while in a field of short green grass, in open water, while standing on gravel, and anywhere else that would be pointless.  Not the smartest bird but definitely one of the most amusing.  

To contact Juli, please email her at julianna.bosmoe@audubon.org