Bird Libs

The New Year’s Resolution

Grab a piece of paper and write down a word for each of these prompts! The more ridiculous the word the better! Then take your words and fill in the blanks on the bird libs below in the exact same order and enjoy your funny tailfeathers.

1. Adjective
2. Adverb (ly)
3. First name
4. Last name
5. First name (same as above)
6. Snack food
7. Bird name
8. Snack food (same as above)9.number
10. Color
11. Native flower
12. Something birds eat
13. Number14.Adverb (ly)
15. Noun

Nestling in for the night with ______________ hearts and _______________-full bellies from holiday celebrations, Greg and Grace Goose began talking about their goals for the upcoming year. They were the most recently-mated pair in the flock and anxiously preparing for their first breeding season. Agreeing that a proper diet is important to raising a healthy family, they resolved to improve their eating habits in the new year.

The next day, Greg and Grace promised to cut back on their visits to ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________ _________________’ yard. ________________’s yard was famous for her plentiful supply of ______________ and a favorite stop for all birds in the neighborhood, including the _______________s. Unfortunately, his/her ___________ didn’t supply the Goose’s with adequate nutritional value so they altered their usual flight path to explore other local options. After trying __________ different spots and becoming discouraged, they finally found a new favorite in Mr. Challey’s place. Grace was originally drawn to Mr. Challey’s place when she spotted the vibrant __________________ __________________ from the sky. When they landed, Greg was surprised by the diversity of grasses, grains, and ___________ on the menu – ____ species in total! The forage was both delicious and nutritious, and the Gooses knew their new food choices would help them look and feel better while increasing their chances of healthy broods.

Sticking to the New Year’s resolution was _________________ easier than Greg and Grace thought. While challenging at first, it just took a little _________________ and patience to find the right selection of food. Greg and Grace were especially excited to share Mr. Challey’s place with their goslings.

How you can help, right now