Elevate Nebraska

Capital expansion at our Centers

At the Center of it all

Critical renovations are at the core of Elevate: The Campaign for Audubon Nebraska. We continually seek to increase these centers’ accessibility to the public, because we know that people first must learn more about their environment before they are motivated to care for it. These investments will touch everything—from education to working lands, from science-based programming to operations—that Audubon Nebraska does and can achieve at our centers and beyond.

Rowe Sanctuary and Spring Creek Prairie serve as hubs for everything we do throughout our state and region. It is critically important that we make these places accessible to as many people as possible, as well as elevate them to world-class status.

At Rowe Sanctuary, we aim to:

  • Build an educational addition to the west wing to improve river and bird viewing for visitors and expand educational opportunities
  • Build an east addition that will include a conference room and multipurpose space
  • Renovate the Great Hall to create a larger, more open space for gathering, educating, and river-viewing
  • Add an industrial-grade kitchen for catering
  • Reconfigure the building’s east office wing to maximize space for a growing staff and
    volunteer program
  • Install new interpretive and interactive exhibits that guide guests to the outdoors
  • Create an accessible entry to the center
  • Build a new overlook deck and boardwalk segments, with guardrails, along the Platte
  • Relocate the parking lot to shield birds roosting on the river from headlights, improve accessibility, and create an immediate stunning river view as visitors approach the center
  • Create native plant interpretative landscaping; energy-efficient, wildlife-friendly lighting; and interpretative and educational signs

At Spring Creek Prairie, we aim to:

  • Repair the Creek Bridge, which is closest to the center, and improve its accessibility
  • Renovate center trails and build a bridge that adds a new connection on the Prairie Trail
  • Rehabilitate and further develop the Woodland Trail, including a shade structure
  • Install new interpretative exhibits and signs, and increase parking lot lighting and safety featuresƒ
  • Install new signage, improve interior lighting, and upgrade maintenance equipment

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